Have your Childs Birthday party at the indoor water flume gem mining!

The kids become prospectors as they mine for quartz, amethyst, citrine, calcite, iron pyrite, red jasper, rose quartz, garnet, sodalite, flourite, Fossils and more in the indoor water flume. They keep what they find! Each mining experience is unique.... You never know what they will find!!!!!!

Each Party Includes The Following:
1-1/2 hours party time
Marble Runs
Checkers & Party Games
15 Minute Movie on Gem Mining
Staff Member Assistance
Snacks & Drinks for each guest (water and chips or pretzels)
Kids Country Gem Caves to view gems under a black light
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You can bring your own food and cake for the party or let us take care of the entire party:
• Pizza & Iced Tea (for 12 children) $40
• Sheet Cake & Iced Tea (for 12 children): $30 Vanilla or Chocolate

How To Mine:
Gem dirt is given to you in a bucket. You are provided with a screen for washing and a shovel to put the dirt in the screen. Of course there is a flume - a trough of running water - with a bench along its length. The dirt goes in the screen, the screen goes in the water and swish swish the mud is washed away. Well, it's not quite that easy but it is completely safe and fun. Staff is on hand to help with technique and identification of your stones.

What to Wear:
You will be playing in water and dirt so we do suggest that you wear old clothes or bring an apron for younger kids but if you are careful it may just be a roll up your sleeves and dig in adventure. Of course don’t forget your camera to take lots of pictures. Once you have those pictures be sure to send them to us we love to see all the happy faces gem mining.

Little Miner Gem Party Adventure: Prospector Gem Party Adventure: Prospector's Dream Gem & Fossil Party Adventure:

Gem mining for a minimum of 12 guests includes 1 small bucket containing at least 6 ounces of gems & 1 arrowhead for each guest. $140 

Each additional guest (above 12) $5.00

Gem mining for a minimum of 12 guests includes 1 Large bucket containing at least 10 ounces of gems, arrowhead & crystal point for each guest. $160 

Each additional guest (above 12) $6.00

Gem mining for a minimum of 12 guests includes 1 Large & 1 small bucket containing at least 1 pound of gems and arrowhead, crystal point & fossils for each guest.

Free return gift certificates for each child guest for a free small bucket of gems. (must be used at a later date)

$190 Each additional guest (above 12) $8.00