Copper Kettle Country Store has now expanded the gem mining area and includes a gem viewing area complete with black light and geode crusher. All the gem mining action at the Copper Kettle Country Store takes place at the gemstone water flume. Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of discovery as you find colorful, beautiful, and valuable gemstones! See the water flow and the Miner sing and tell jokes. The store has an extensive collection of rocks and minerals both on display and for sale. The store also has a birthday party area to accommodate small gem mining parties complete with food and drinks.

Kids Gem Mining
Become a prospectors as you mine for quartz, amethyst, citrine, calcite, iron pyrite, red jasper, rose quartz, garnet, sodalite, flourite, Fossils and more in our indoor water flume. Keep what you find! Each mining experience is'll never know what you'll will find!!!!!!

How To Mine:
Gem dirt is given to you in a bucket. You are provided with a screen for washing and a shovel to put the dirt in the screen. Of course there is a flume - a trough of running water - with a bench along its length. The dirt goes in the screen, the screen goes in the water and swish swish the mud is washed away. Well, it's not quite that easy but it is completely safe and fun. Staff is on hand to help with technique and identification of your stones.

What To Look For:
Gemstones come in every color from white to black. Quartz is the most common found at gem mining. There are many different varieties of Quartz and several are semi-precious gem stones. The ideal shape of quartz is a six sided prism. Check your screen carefully and see how many kids of Quartz you can identify. You may also be lucky enough to find a geode or even some fools’ gold. There are lots of different gemstones to discover and even some fossils too.

What to Wear:
You will be playing in water and dirt so we do suggest that you wear old clothes or bring an apron for younger kids but if you are careful it may just be a roll up your sleeves and dig in adventure. Of course don’t forget your camera to take lots of pictures. Once you have those pictures be sure to send them to us we love to see all the happy faces gem mining.

Mining Prices:
Little Miner: Mix Gemstones $5.00
Miner: Mix Gemstones, Point Quartz & Arrow head $10.00
Prospector: Mix Gemstones & Fossils $10.00
Prospector's Dream: Mix Gemstones & Fossils, Sharks teeth, Point Quartz & Arrow head. $15.00
The Dinosaur: Over 3lbs of Amethyst, Mix Gemstones, over 16 Fossils, Sharks teeth, Point Quartz’s, Arrow heads & 1 break open geode. $30.00
Diamonds Are Forever: Every bucket has a REAL DIAMOND w/ up to 6 sides! worth $15 - $30. Mix of Gemstones, Point Quartz & Arrowheads. $30.00